Questions related to admissions

Maj 9, 2014

Q: Do you use a rolling admission policy? Are my chance of being accepted lower, if I decide to take my interview late? A: Yes. Under rolling admission, candidates are […]

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Questions related to the Dentistry Program

Kwiecień 23, 2014

Q: I am a dental student. How do I can get the locker at the Collegium Stomatologicum? A: The locker room for dental students (excluding first year students) is available […]

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Questions related to medical assistance

Q: How can I make an appointment to the doctor? A: In order to make an appointment to the family doctor you should contact the Dean’s Office – Mrs. Anna […]

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General questions

Kwiecień 18, 2014

Q: What is the national background of your international students? A: Take a look at this map view based on the number of students with each citizenship enrolled in 2015/2016: […]

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Questions related to the PharmD Program

Q: Who is in charge of the PharmD Program? A: The Associate Dean for Pharmacy at the Center for Medical Education in English is Prof. Franciszek Główka, MSc, PhD., e-mail: […]

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