The 5-year DDS Program is an undergraduate-entry dental course which leads high school graduates to a professional degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery, opening the doors to dental licensing in Europe and elsewhere.


We realize how important your career pathway is to you and how much effort you are putting in to be able to study in our School. This is why the classes are conducted by professors and doctors with a wealth of academic experience and a solid practical background in the dental health service. Our university dental hospital building includes an outpatient clinic, teaching and research center, and a state-of-the-art dental simulation center.

Doctor of dental surgery is a profession which combines scientific knowledge with manual skills. This is why, starting from year 3 of the studies, your classes will be held in the PUMS Dental Clinic, where you will take part in patient treatment together with our faculty.

Upon completion, successful students will receive the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery, D.D.S. Those graduates who plan to practice dentistry in North America will have to complete two additional years of study in the United States or Canada, making it a total of seven years to obtain a license. It is a standard requirement for all graduates with a foreign degree in North America.

Dentistry is an exceptional field of medicine that gives doctors a lot of freedom when it comes to professional practice.


With a heavy focus on practical experience, the program is designed to gradually guide a high school graduate from the scientific groundwork to a qualified and competent clinician. Each study year is concluded by a summer practical training to be performed at a teaching hospital or clinic at PUMS or abroad. Elective courses will give you the option to pursue your interests, dive into specialized topics or take an interdisciplinary look at your future work.

year one

The initial coursework is focused on the morphological sciences and scientific bases of medicine. You will study the human body structure in the macro- and microscopic scale, and intricacies of the physical and chemical processes that take place in the body and that are used in patient therapy and diagnostics. You will also get to know the essentials of the profession: scientific method, ethics, legal framework and professionalism.

year two

Year two brings together general medicine courses and pre-clinical practice with the use of patient simulators and phantom heads. You will become proficient in all basic dental techniques used in conservative dentistry, periodontics and pediatric dentistry, in our state-of-the-art Dental Simulation Center, before entering the clinical part of the studies.

year three

Here it is that you start your work with actual “live” patients and where you will be performing basic preventive and therapeutic procedures, as well as practice patient communication and a good bedside manner. You will also gain extended knowledge in general medicine and master dental prosthetics in the simulation lab.

year four

It is time to put the skills gained in simulation to practice – with additional theory and extensive clinical rotations, you will master the skill sets required in main dental specialties. To conclude the general medicine module, you will have to pass a series of examinations.

year five

During year five – the practical year – you will be exposed to dental clinical work in conservative dentistry, pediatric dentistry, surgery, prosthetics and orthodontics. You will also get to know about other fields of dentistry, like mucosal diseases, geriatric dentistry and maxillofacial surgery. Your professional knowledge acquired during the dental coursework will be summarized for the final exams.

Join us and start building your career!

PUMS diplomas are recognized worldwide.

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