With a whole building dedicated to medical simulation and standardized patients, as well as broad expertise in the field, PUMS is the leader in medical simulation education in the country. Its state-of-the-art equipment and qualified staff make this part of the training fun, challenging and very useful.


  • 8 high-fidelity simulation rooms with control rooms and briefing rooms: operating room, 2 intensive care units, emergency room, ambulance, baby delivery room and 2 nursing stations,
  • 6 low-fidelity simulation labs for ALS, BLS, technical skills, clinical skills, surgical skills and virtual reality training,
  • 10 teaching rooms for standardized patients practice, nursing skills, obstetrics and OSCE exams,
  • 60 dental workstations with model patients and the latest equipment for pre-clinical education,
  • 18 state-of-the-art dental clinical units,
  • Active member of SESAM: Society of Simulation in Europe and executive organizer of the European SimOlympics competition.

Poznan University of Medical Sciences
Center for Medical Education in English

41 Jackowskiego St., 60-512 Poznan, Poland


+48 61 854 72 20
+1 212-551-7867

WhatsApp: +48 609 031 274 (click to chat)



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