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CLILMED Erasmus+ invites all teachers working with international students to take part in the seminar „How to teach effectively in English in a multicultural and multilingual classroom?” that will take place on May 25, 2022 at 12:300 to 2pm in room C in PUMS Library-Congress Center at 37 Przybyszewskiego St.

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Poland: Agnieszka Daca, PhD:

Agnieszka Daca has been a teacher for the last 15 years at almost all educational levels. Among those, the last 6 years she spent as an academic teacher teaching pathophysiology to 3rd year English Division medical students and dentists, as well as immunology to dieticians. Agnieszka believes in comprehension and looking for logical connections and explanations while learning rather than memorising as the best way of studying. Teaching both pathophysiology and immunology gives that opportunity.

Hungary: Zoltan Berente, PhD

Vice Chair of the Department of Biochemistry and Medical Chemistry, Medical School, University of Pécs. Teaches first and second year medical students since 1998 (~1000 plenary lectures, >5000 hrs lab practices and seminars) in Hungarian, English and German languages. Past course director of four obligatory subjects (a total of 20 credits, 22-28 groups/yr in three languages) for 4-10 years. Initiated numerous optional courses in chemistry and biochemistry where classroom response systems, team based learning and other techniques were tested before introducing them to the obligatory courses. Open to every opportunity to improve the knowledge map in the minds of the students.

Center for Medical Education in English /
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