The 6-year PharmD Program is an undergraduate-entry Master of Pharmacy (EU) / Doctor of Pharmacy (US) course leading high school graduates to a professional degree in Pharmacy, with great emphasis on clinical applications of pharmaceutical therapy.


It is our priority that our students graduate with the most up-to-date pharmaceutical knowledge. Contemporary pharmacy focuses on the patient and their needs in terms of pharmacotherapy so, beginning from the 4th year of studies, you will learn how to work as a member of a therapeutic team by working closely with doctors and patients as well as other specialists.

The program provides students with vast knowledge about drugs, their mechanisms of action, adverse effects and interactions. But it also focuses on the patient and provides information about the principles of individualized pharmacotherapy. With this knowledge, a pharmacy student can move on and learn about applied pharmacotherapy in various clinical conditions.

The program offers an opportunity to share experiences with exchange students from the US who undergo training at our University. Once you become a PUMS student you will also have a chance to take some of the classes abroad, e.g. in the United States through our exchange program with University of Kentucky.

The PUMS PharmD curriculum is designed to meet the standards and guidelines for professional programs in pharmacy defined by the US Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). It also adheres to the Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament and to the requirements of the Council on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications.

We are the best pharmacy faculty in Poland so we feel obliged to provide you with modern education based on the experience of working in various therapeutic teams. Our University owns 6 clinical hospitals, a pharmacy and a hospice where students can learn their profession.


Moving from basic lab work and calculations to drug design practice, pharmacy placements and deep clinical immersion, you will develop the complete professional skill set of a modern pharmacist.

year one

You will learn the anatomy of the human body and the biophysical processes on which human physiology is grounded. You will become acquainted with methods of identification of medicinal plants and their structure. You will practice making chemical calculations for the preparation of medical substances and statistical methods of mapping and interpreting the results of scientific analyses and measurements.

year two

You will learn to describe physical transformations and chemical reactions in quantitative terms. You will get to know the instruments used within the pharmaceutical industry, as well as to recognize and identify microorganisms and learn how to contain them.

year three

You will be introduced into the healthcare aspect of pharmacy, both in theory and in practice. You will learn the basic techniques of molecular biology and methods of using them to search for new drugs and therapies. During vacation placement you will have the opportunity to work in a community pharmacy

year four

You will be introduced to advanced pharmacotherapy classes where you will learn the clinical aspects of pharmacy by shadowing doctors in different wards. You will get hands-on experience of patient care and different kinds of pharmaceutical therapies used in medicine today. Vacation placement will take place in a hospital pharmacy

year five

You will acquire the skills of patient communication and assist patients in choosing the right medicine. In hospital wards you will become acquainted with rules of effective and safe pharmacotherapy, as well therapeutic drug monitoring. You will write, complete and defend your master thesis.

year six

You will complete a 6-month internship and clinical rotations that will prepare you for the Final Professional Pharmacy Examination. You will learn to work as a member of a therapeutic team and conduct modern individualized pharmacotherapy. You will assist doctors in making decisions regarding the choice of drugs, their dosage and application.


Join us - we know how to teach effectively.

PUMS diplomas are recognized worldwide.

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