Introduction to the Physiotherapy Program in English

The five-year M.Sc. Physiotherapy program is based on European curriculum with English as the language of instruction. As a professional all-round course in physical therapy, it is thought to provide the graduate with a strong set of competencies and skills required to treat temporary and permanent motor disabilities in patients, using the latest advancements in medicine. It offers four specialty curricular pathways to students: neurological, orthopedic, manual therapy and sports medicine. Graduates can work as members of bigger medical teams in hospitals and medical centers, choose to open their own practice or develop scientific research in the field within the academic context

Candidates for this program may be accepted after demonstrating a necessary record of academic achievement in Biology and English; and after passing an interview with PUMS Admissions Committee.

Contact in Poland

Poznan University of Medical Sciences
Center for Medical Education in English
41 Jackowskiego St.
60-512 Poznan, Poland
tel. (+4861) 854 72 31
fax. (+4861) 847 74 89