Introduction to the 3-year B.Sc. Physiotherapy Program in English

The three-year B.Sc. Physiotherapy Program welcomes applicants who would like to obtain the Bachelor of Science degree in Physiotherapy. It is based on the European curriculum with English as the language of instruction, and is designed for international candidates who have good educational foundation in basic sciences; demonstrate appropriate level of maturity, motivation and commitment to a career in Physiotherapy; and who are in good health.

Candidates for this program may be accepted after demonstrating a necessary record of academic achievement in Biology and English; and after passing an interview with PUMS Admissions Committee.

Contact in Poland

Poznan University of Medical Sciences
Center for Medical Education in English
41 Jackowskiego St.
60-512 Poznan, Poland
tel. (+4861) 854 72 31
fax. (+4861) 847 74 89