Heart operation with the use of Mitra Clip

August 20, 2018

PUMS heart team – a group of medical specialists from the Lord’s Transfiguration Hospital, including cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and anesthesiologists, working with patients with the most severe heart dysfunctions – has performed its first operation with the use of Mitra Clip. The device was designed to remedy mitral valve regurgitation, without the necessity of open heart surgery. The clip was placed in the valve with minimally invasive surgery procedure, under real-time echocardiographic and angiographic monitoring, as well as live 3D visualization. With this procedure, PUMS clinical hospital has joined the ranks of the best cardiac centers in Poland that have the required equipment and skillset to perform these operations.

Our heart team includes prof. Maciej Lesiak (Head of Cardiology Department I), prof. Marek Jemielity (Head of Cardiac Surgery and Transplantology Department), dr Marek Grygier (Head of Hemodynamics Laboratory) and numerous other doctors and specialists. Together, they work in accordance with the latest standards set by the European Cardiology Society and European Cardiac Surgery Society on choosing the optimal treatment plan for the patients and performing the difficult procedures.

The first Mitra Clip implantation was performed in PUMS clinical hospital in December 2017. The cost of this procedure is around 100 000 PLN.

You can learn about the procedure from this video: