Modern physiotherapy
Modern physiotherapy is a team effort of specialists from various fields. Such approach gives the patient a completely different quality of therapy which translates into quicker recovery. In addition to that other members of the team also benefit from such approach - they can learn from one another by sharing experiences. This is why we use this model in practical classes, allowing you to become a member of a therapeutic team.


We collaborate with top companies in the market. Such collaboration will provide you with an opportunity to learn different models of professional work. One of our partners is a FIFA-accredited sports clinic, which will give you a chance to see the rehabilitation process of professional athletes suffering from sports injuries. You will work on such modern devices as: Biodex, Delos or Optojump.


Practical approach - effective treatment
We want you to be well prepared for the profession as soon as you graduate. We will include post-graduate-level skills and competencies during your 5-year program, e.g. Cyriax, Kaltenborn, McKenzie, PNF, FDM, Mulligan, Vojta, Bobath, Shacklock neurodynamics - all well recognized and effective therapeutic and diagnostic techniques, taught by certified faculty.


Specialty pathways
The program offers four specialty pathways: Neurological, Orthopedic, Sports and Science.


Small groups
We want you to feel comfortable during classes and have as much time as you need to gain complete practical knowledge. 6-member teams are optimal groups to work in to gain theoretical and practical knowledge.


Professional knowledge
Classes are conducted by our physicians (30%) and physiotherapists (70%). We also make sure to engage our students in the day-to-day work of the university orthopedic and rehabilitation clinical hospital. Participation in surgeries will give you a chance to witness an injury from the point of view of an orthopaedic surgeon which is exceptionally useful for independent work later on.


Critical thinking
We want you to learn how to think outside the box so that you can look for solutions in places where others wouldn't. To make it possible you will be working with psychologists, engineers, and IT specialists.



Student accommodation with reliable residential advisors

Free of charge counseling and psychological services

Extra tutoring in biology, chemistry and physics provided free of charge

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