Admission to the 6-year PharmD Program in English
Fall 2020 entry


Application deadline: JULY 31, 2020
Application processing fee: 85 PLN
Exam & interview fee: 600 PLN


General requirements:

  1. Secondary school degree or equivalent credentials at a high enough level to be eligible for admission to a university in home country, issued no earlier than in 2014.
  2. High level of knowledge in the following fields: Chemistry, and Biology, and high proficiency in English language.
  3. Satisfactory grades in biology and chemistry from previous education (secondary school, college or university).
  4. Interview examination in biology and chemistry.
  5. Applicants holding Polish high school leaving certificates must successfully apply to the admission proceedings for the Polish-language pharmacy program at PUMS in order to become eligible to apply to this pharmacy program in English.


Formal requirements:

All documents must be in English or with a certified translation to English

1) Completed on-line application form.


A. To be attached with the on-line application (digitally scanned copies):

2) Secondary school transcript (-s) and transcripts for other attended education programs including biology and chemistry coursework,
3) Any other documents you would like the admission staff to review before your entrance examination.


B. To be submitted after successful entrance examination (hard copies of original documents or certified copies):

4) Transcripts of all attended education programs,
5) High school leaving examination certificate or diploma of secondary education that qualifies to undertake higher education studies in country of issue and was issued no earlier than 2014 (An older diploma may be accepted, if the candidate has continued his education beyond the year 2014), with apostille or legalization certificate (depending on the country:,
6) A recommendation letter on school letterhead from a science faculty member, guidance counselor, principal, or a teacher in another subject area, involved in previous education,
7) Proof of English language proficiency (unless the candidate has completed a secondary or post-secondary school program in English):

  1. TOEFL
    Paper-based test: min. 550 points,
    Internet-based test: min. 79 points,
    Computer-based test: min. 213 points,
  2. IELTS, min. 6.5 points,
  3. Cambridge Examination: Advanced (CEA) or Proficiency (CPE) level,
  4. Candidates who completed their previous education in Scandinavia:
    Norway: min. grade in English in secondary school: 4,
    Sweden: min. grade in English in secondary school: VG or C,
    Denmark: min. grade in English in secondary school: 7.

8) Health certificate completed by a physician: pdfclick here to open pdf file
9) 2 recent photos (3.5 x 4.5 cm),
10) Copy of passport bio page,
11) Curriculum vitae/resumé,
12) Optional: standardized test results for ACT, SAT, DAT, etc.
13) Applicants with IB diploma (International Baccalaureate) are required to choose the advanced level of IB examination in one of the following IB examinations: ‘Biology’ or ‘Chemistry’,
14) Criminal background check report from country of residence.


C. To be submitted upon the start of studies:

15) Copy of vaccination records, incl. Hepatitis B,
16) Proof of health insurance valid in Poland (EHIC for EU citizens),
17) Copy of a student visa or other document confirming that the stay in Poland is legal,
18) Certificate of equivalence of secondary school diploma, issued by Chief Education Officer of the Wielkopolska province in Poland – to be submitted by the end of the first semester of studies (unless recognition is automatic, based on international agreements).


3rd year entry option - applicants should also submit:

20a) University transcript (-s), covering pre-medical coursework, confirming the completion of the following courses:

  • General & Inorganic Chemistry (1 year, including lab with qualitative analysis),
  • Analytical Chemistry (1 year, including lab with instrumental methods and calculations),
  • Organic Chemistry (1 year, including lab),
  • Physical Chemistry (1 year, including lab and calculations),
  • Biology with Elements of Botany (1 year),
  • Physics (1 year),
  • Mathematics (1 year),
  • Anatomy (1 year),
  • Microbiology (1 year),
  • English (1 year).


Graduate entry to 4th year option - applicants should also submit:

20b) University science degree on at least bachelor level, issued no earlier than in 2014, majoring in medical sciences, with apostille or legalization certificate (depending on the country:,
21) University transcript (-s), covering pre-medical coursework, confirming the completion of the following courses:

  • all courses listed in item 20a),
  • Pharmacology I & II (100 hours),
  • Pharmacognosy & Natural Drugs (50 hours),
  • Introduction to Applied Pharmacy (60 hours),
  • Physiological and Pathophysiological Basis for Therapeutics (150 hours),
  • Pharmaceutical Technology I & II (170 hours)*,
  • Patient Care I & II (50 hours)*,
  • Hygiene and Epidemiology (20 hours),
  • Biochemistry (105 hours),
  • Biotechnology (30 hours),
  • Molecular Biology (30 hours),
  • Vacation Placement in a Community Pharmacy (160 hours).

*The courses: Pharmaceutical Technology I & II and Patient Care I & II can also be done at PUMS.


-A person may only apply once per admission season,
-The program will start on the condition that there will be a minimum of 12 admitted students.

Center for Medical Education in English /
International Admissions & Promotion Office

41 Jackowskiego St., 60-512 Poznan, Poland


+48 61 854 72 20

Toll-free US & Canada (7:30am to 4pm CET): +1 800 646 7603


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