Student problem resolution – which administrative office do I talk to?

This guide briefly attempts to help clarify the roles of the Dean’s Office, the Bursary Office, the University’s Dormitory Administration, and the new Residential Advisor’s (RA) system in resolving student problems.

The Dean’s Office

The Dean’s Office can help students in all matters concerning grades, documentation such as transcripts, letters of enrollment and fees paid, indexes, information about courses, medical check-ups, and other academic matters. Importantly, the Dean’s Office is also responsible for the disciplining of students that fall out of line with either university or dormitory regulations.

Please understand that the Dean’s Office does not control the Dormitory Administration. Although the Dean’s Office has a person that is an interface person to the Dormitory Administration, she handles ONLY incoming (1st year) student room assignments. Any other dormitory related matters should be directed to the Dormitory Administration instead. Any student grievances against other students concerning the dormitory must be presented to the Residential Advisor system by contacting an RA, and NOT to the Dean’s Office or the Dormitory Administration.

The Dormitory Administration

The Dormitory Administration has authority in matters of student room assignments in the dormitory, signing into and out of dormitory rooms, managing keys, repair of damages, security issues, and dormitory related documents. The Dormitory Administration handles dormitory fees payable in PLN. Please also be aware that the Dormitory Administration is responsible, in cooperation with the Residential Advisors, for enforcement of dormitory rules and regulations.

The Bursary Office

The Bursary Office is concerned with financial matters and therefore handles tuition fees, dormitory deposit refunds, other types of refunds, payment corrections and any other monetary issue. Please be advised that as far as the dormitory fees are concerned the Bursary Office is responsible only for fees payable in USD. The Dormitory Administration handles dormitory fees payable in PLN.

Residential Advisors

Residential Advisors are responsible for promoting a community environment in the dormitory. In addition, RAs act as contact persons in all matters for advice and support of dormitory residents. Together with the Dormitory Administration, RAs are also directly responsible for the enforcement of university policies (rules and regulations) concerning the dormitories.

Finally, please be aware that the Dean’s Office must be contacted when students plan to be absent from the university (such as attending electives in the U.S.). Additionally, the university Dormitory Administration must also be informed if the student is a resident in the dormitory.

NOTE: This information is meant only as a guide for students. Please consult the university rules and regulations for detailed information.