20-years of Medical Programs in English at PUMS

The beginning of December was marked with numerous events to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Medical Programs in English at our University. The main organizer of the Gala was the Center for Medical Education in English with the Director, Prof. Grzegorz Oszkinis, M.D., Ph.D, Vice-President for Clinical and Postgraduate Education.

At the 20th Anniversary Gala many respected guests, representatives of the Ministry, Vice-Mayor of the City of Poznań, medical authorities as well as former and current authorities of the University, friends and supporters involved in creating and conducting programs of medical education in English filled the Library – Congress Center on December 2, 2013.

Memories, congratulations and numerous speeches were accompanied by awarding Prof. Janusz Gadzinowski and Prof. Bogdan Miśkowiak with Professor Antoni Jurasz Awards granted in recognition of their outstanding achievements in international cooperation and promoting the attitude and activities helping to overcome the cultural barriers within the academic community. The founders, creators, supporters of medical programs in English, course coordinators, Associate Deans and Dean’s office staff were awarded with honorary recognition awards.

The Gala was enriched with an on-line conversation with one of the graduates from the 4-year MD program Krzysztof A. Bujarski, MD (4MD graduate of class 2000) who recalled his years at the University and talked about his life after obtaining his diploma.

After this surprising point of the Gala program the guests enjoyed the Anniversary promotional movie (click here to watch the movie) premiere. The film included memories by people involved in the creation and shaping of the programs in English.


Guests could also enjoy the musical setting by La Vita Quartet. After a concert, the host of the Gala, Jan Mazela, M.D, Ph.D. invited the guests to come to the hall of the Library-Congress Center. The guests participated in the culminating point of the Gala, which was unveiling an interactive obelisk commemorating the English Programs in the shape of pyramid.

The celebration of the 20th anniversary continued on December 3 with a Consultation meeting of Medical Schools in Poland offering English-based Programs. The Conference on Preclinical Teaching in Dentistry – Phantom Heads was held simultaneously.

The 20th Anniversary Alumni Newsletter published to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Medical Programs in English at Poznan University of Medical Sciences: