Questions related to the PharmD Program

Q: Who is in charge of the PharmD Program?
The Associate Dean for Pharmacy at the Center for Medical Education in English is Prof. Franciszek Główka, MSc, PhD., e-mail: glowka@ump.edu.pl

Q: Who is the PharmD Assistant in the Dean’s Office?
 Paweł Kosacki is the PharmD Assistant (ground floor, room no. 2):
tel. +48 61 854 72 31
e-mail: pharmacy@ump.edu.pl
During his absence please contact Mrs. Joanna Zalewska, 6 MD Assistant (1st floor, room 6).

Q: Who do I contact regarding the Vacation Placement in a Community/Hospital Pharmacy?
The coordinator of the Vacation Placement in the PharmD Program is Katarzyna Kosicka, Msc, PhD from the Chair and Department of Physical Pharmacy and Pharmacokinetics:
address: 6 Święcickiego Str., 60-780 Poznań
website: http://kffif.ump.edu.pl/
e-mail: kasiakosicka@ump.edu.pl
tel. +48 61 854 64 31

Q:  Is there a reimbursement for the six-month Traineeship in a Pharmacy?
You may receive reimbursement for the six month Traineeship in a Pharmacy: 473 PLN for every week of the six month Traineeship in a Pharmacy done abroad (max 24 weeks).
The procedure is as follows:
1. After the six month Traineeship in a Pharmacy deliver the completed Handbook for the six month Traineeship in a Pharmacy (with all signatures)
2. The Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy signs the Handbook.
3. The Associate Dean for Pharmacy approves the Handbook for the six month Traineeship in a Pharmacy and the amount of the reimbursement. Please note that you have to deliver your account number to the Bursary Office.

Q: Do I have to wait for all the other students to finish their Master’s Thesis in order to have the defence?
No, the defence may be organized for individual students.

Q: When do I get the diploma?
The Dean’s Office has 20 working days to prepare the diploma after receiving all the required documents.
More information is available HERE