Questions related to fees

Q: When is the payment deadline for tuition?
1st installment of tuition fee should be paid by Sept. 30 and the 2nd installment by Feb. 15

Q: How can I get the dorm deposit back?
First of all you should decide how you want to get it back: in cash or by a wire transfer. If you prefer a wire transfer you should provide us with your bank information: the name of the bank, address of the bank, account number and swift code or routing number and send it to the bursary office via e-mail.

Q: Why I am charged statutory interest rates if I have sent the money on Sept. 30?
You are charged statutory interest rates because PUMS received the money after the deadline.

Q: What should I do to extend my payment deadline?
You should write a letter to the President Grzeskowiak and send it to the bursary office via e-mail. You should write in this letter why you can’t pay your fees on time.

Q: Can I pay the 1st installment of tuition fee in PLN and the 2nd one in USD?
Tuition fee should be paid in PLN. For students paying their fees in a currency different from PLN, the amount will be calculated into PLN in accordance with the exchange rate of the University bank.

Q: I have been rejected from the list of PUMS students due to failure to complete 1st year of studies. I’ve missed just Anatomy course. I would like to continue my further education back home and I’m wondering if I can get tuition refund for the first year?
A: Refund of tuition fee is applicable only to students who resign from studies on a specific conditions described in the Agreement between PUMS and student, not to the students who are removed from the list of students due to failure to meet requirements.