Questions related to dorms


Q: What kind of accommodation does the Poznan University of Medical Sciences offer and how much is it?
Poznan University of Medical Sciences offers four dormitories designated for English-based Programs’ students and these are Eskulap, Karolek, Medyk and Aspirynka:
They are located close to the Poznan city center.
The cost of living in our dormitory ranges from: 142 USD to 192 USD/month for a single room and 96 USD to 148 USD/month for a double room

Q: When will I be able to make a dorm reservation? I already paid my deposit.
The information about dormitory application for incoming students is emailed to all newly accepted students (that is students who were sent official acceptance letters).
You will receive an email requesting to log into your personal profile at PUMS applicant system and indicate your preferred dormitory facility and room type.
More details re dormitory accommodation for incoming students are available HERE: (open PDF file Information for Incoming Students –> go to section Dormitory Assignments).
Please note that due to a limited number of spots, we can only offer double rooms for incoming students.

Q: I am trying to apply for a dorm room and be put on the waiting list. I was told that first year students can only stay in double rooms. I prefer to live alone and therefore am wondering if I can buy out a whole double room.
Please note that due to a limited number of spots, we can only offer double rooms for incoming students. According to PUMS Dormitory Regulations only currently enrolled students are eligible to sign up for the waiting list, and you will be officially enrolled starting from the first day of classes that for your program.

Q: In the application there is a letter behind the selection of dorms saying m, f or b. That stands for male, female and both, or am I wrong?
Find below a Dormitory Room Type Explanation:
double room (b) = double room with both spots for either female or male residents
double room (f) = double room for female residents
double room (m) = double room for male residentS

Q: I just wonder how the rooms in Karolek and Eskulap are designed. Does each room have its own bathroom or do they have to share on each floor?
In Karolek each room has its own bathroom, in Eskulap there is one bathroom in a suite which consists of two rooms.

Q: I wanted to know if it was possible to request a single room because I have a lot of allergies, severe to pets and some to food as well. If you could please direct me as to how I should proceed to to go about contacting the dorms or someone else that could help me that would be great.
Please note that due to a limited number of spots, we can only offer double rooms for incoming students. You will be able to sign up for the on-line waiting list starting from the first day of the academic year for first-year students in your program.
There are many students requesting single room accommodation due to their health condition and the School does not have as many rooms available to accommodate such requests.

Q: In order to obtain my Polish visa I need proof of residence for my stay. I know decisions for place of residence won’t be made until august but is there any document I could obtain that would prove that I have a place in one of the residences.
The University guarantees places in its dormitories to all incoming students who decide to stay in a dormitory.

Q: I actually signed up for Karolek on the online system for incoming students. Can you tell me when will I know if i can move in early to the Karolek dorm and which room i will have. I am leaving to Poland in a week to visit family and would like to know as early as possible where will I be staying and if I can move into the dorm early.

A: Your registration for Karolek waiting list is invalid as well.  You will be able to sign up for the waiting list  on the first day of the academic year for first-year students in your program using your PUMS student email address.
Please note that you indicated only your dormitory preferences in PUMS applicant system.
Assignments will be made after July 31 on a space-available basis.
The University will guarantee places in its dormitories to all students who decide to stay in a dormitory, but right now we cannot give you the name dormitory you will be assigned to.
Information confirming dormitory assignments will be e-mailed to all students concerned no sooner than the first week of August.

Q: I got accepted for 6 year MD program. I am trying to reserve room in Aspirynka. Currently this room is occupied by my sister. She is graduating this year and I hope to take over renting this room. Can you let me know if you can help me in this matter. I couldn’t find application for the accommodation, and if you can email it to me.
A: It is not possible for you to rent the room your sister is currently staying in. There’s no such thing as inheritance of dorm rooms from the graduating students.

Q: I was wondering if it would be possible to pick a room I prefer since I’ll be arriving there earliest out of everyone. Also, I’m looking into arriving to Poznan around 2AM on August 12th so I was wondering if receptions operate 24/7? (to make sure I could get the key from my room).
A: Please note that incoming students are allowed to move starting from the first Friday after August 24th.
The University guarantees accommodation in its dormitories to 1st year students who express their wish for such accommodation and the choice of the dormitory is made by the University who has updated information regarding vacancies in particular dormitories. It is not possible for students to pick a dormitory in which he/ she will be placed.
Upon arrival to Poznan, you will be informed of your dormitory room number by a porter in the dormitory you were assigned to. Dormitory administration has been informed about your arrival and have prepared rooms for you. You will be able to pick up your room key from the porter. The porter’s office is open 24/7.
Please drop by the dormitory administration office on the next day after your arrival to take care of all formalities. They are open on weekdays between 7:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Dormitory Administration contact details are available on the following link: click here.


You can sign up for the waiting list for any of the four PUMS dormitories for English Programs’ Students using the link available HERE
(www.pums.edu.pl, go to For Current Students, go to Accommodation in Dormitory – Waiting list)

You should sign up for each dorm separately.

There’s no such thing as inheritance of dorm rooms from students moving out of dorms.

The confirmation of your waiting list application is sent out automatically after you sign up on the list. Waiting list reports are updated on a monthly basis (on the first working day of each month) and available on the following link.

Please note that an e-mail confirmation of your dormitory assignment from waiting list application will be sent to your student e-mail account by Dormitory Administration when a spot/ room in dormitory becomes available according to the list.

When notified by means of student email and a text message of the possibility to move into a dormitory they signed up for, students are required to reply to an email or a text message sent by Dormitory Administration office and move in within 48 hours from the date indicated in the email/ text message with this information. Students who do not reply Dormitory Administration back within the deadline mentioned above will be automatically removed from the waiting list for respective dormitory

This rule was applied upon students’ requests as many people are waiting for the spot/room in PUMS dormitories, especially in Karolek, and that is the reason why Dormitory Administration gives a seven-day deadline for students to move in.

Dormitory assignments on the basis of waiting list applications are made only when rooms are available and this means it may take weeks/ months before you are placed in your desired dormitory.

NOTE: According to Dormitory Regulations for students in the English Language Programs at the Poznan University of Medical Sciences (PUMS):
section 48)
Any currently enrolled students are eligible to sign up for the on-line waiting list, but dormitory assignments from waiting list can be made only after the University has provided dormitory accommodation to all its first-year and second-year students who registered for dormitory by the end of June of that particular year (first-year students) and by the end of April of that particular year (second-year students). The names of students who signed up for the waiting list are not invalidated with the end of an academic year.
section 49)
As part of dormitory waiting list registrations for a single room the University introduces rules with a high priority on seniority:
a) all students in their last and second-to-last years of study (“senior students”) who apply for a single room get assigned on a strictly first-come, first-served basis,
b) all non-first-year persons that apply for a single room and who do not fit into the “senior students” group as described in Item above will be granted a room, but only after all current “senior students” defined in Item a) have had their requests granted,
c) no first year student will be assigned a single room unless the first two criteria described in Item a) and b) have been satisfied,
d) persons who lived off campus their first year and now wish to come back to the dormitory will have a lower priority than someone who was placed in the dormitory the first year and now wishes to get a single room,
e) students in their last year of study undergoing part of their coursework (e.g. elective rotations) abroad who apply for dormitory accommodation will have priority over other students, but only after the University satisfies requests of all current first-year and second-year students.

The Dormitory Administration Offices will not accept any other form of waiting list applications, so please do not go to those offices in person.

Also, please be reminded that the Dean’s Office requires students to check their university email accounts at least twice a week as sending information by emails is our main method of communication with students.


Q: What is the process of reserving a dorm room for next school year?
Students currently staying in dorms are required to let us know whether they wish to extend their dorm reservation for next year by April 30 of each year. We are notifying all students of the procedure to do so by mid-April of each year at the latest. This year residents are required to click on the link in their student email box to reserve dorm for next year, and we will most likely apply the same system in the following years.
More information concerning dormitory reservation for next year is available HERE
(www.pums.edu.pl, go to For Current Students, go to Accommodation in Dormitory: Current Students)


All graduating students must move out of dorms by July 31.


Residential Advisors (R.A.s) help to provide a safe, quiet environment within each dormitory so that residents have a place that is free from distractions for studying and sleeping. R.A.s work with dorm administrators and porters. R.A.s will insure that students are informed of the dormitory’s rules and regulations upon moving in and will enforce them throughout the year.

Please send all inquiries to: resadv@pums.edu.pl


More information is available on the following links: