Questions related to admissions

Q: Do you use a rolling admission policy? Are my chance of being accepted lower, if I decide to take my interview late?
A: Yes. Under rolling admission, candidates are invited to submit their  applications to the university anytime within a large window. The window  is usually over six months long, and some schools do not have a  previously specified end date (the window simply closes when all spots  are filled). The university will then review the application and notify  the applicant of their decision within a few weeks from submission.

Q: Does PUMS accept transfer students from other Universities ? What are the requirements?
Unfortunately, PUMS does not accept transfers from other Universities.

Q: What is a difference between Advanced MD and 6-year MD program offered by PUMS?
A: AdvMD program is accessible for university/college graduates (at least B. Sc. degree holders, majoring in natural sciences or pre-med) 6-year MD program is available for high school graduates.

Q: I would like to apply for AdvMD program. I took one of standardized medical admission tests required by PUMS and its result meets PUMS requirement on a minimal score. Do I need to take the written test administered by the University?
A: Yes, all candidates are required to sit written quiz and take the interview with School representatives. Both parts are compulsory.

Q: What are approximate costs of living in Poland?
A: More information you can find here: http://go-poland.pl/cost-living-poland

Q: After training in Poznan, does your Adv MD program give students eligibility to practice in Europe, as well as the United States, after graduation?
A: Yes, but please be aware that the studies undertaken by the student at PUMS end with obtaining the degree of ‘Lekarz’ (Medical Doctor). The license to practice the profession of Medical Doctor is governed by commonly abiding regulations and graduation from the University does not automatically implement the right to practice the profession as every country has different regulations and prerequisites in terms of practice Medicine.