PUMS young talent on Forbes’ “25 before 25” list

December 31, 2018

We are proud of the talented young entrepreneurs connected to PUMS who were listed on the Polish Forbes‘ and McKinsey’s ’25 before 25’ list:

– Ligia Kornowska – category: business – PUMS alumna, managing director of the Polish Federation of Hospitals and founder of Young Medical Managers, involved in eMedica Ltd. telemedical solutions. Also President of the Medical Center of Telemonitoring.
– Piotr Filberek, Jan Niziński, Wojciech Sierocki – category: social work – PUMS students, founders of Leczymy z Misją student-run voluntary initiative providing medical relief in Kenia. Wojciech Sierocki is also developing the eMedica telemedical startup. Piotr Filberek and Jan Niziński are recipients of a Ministry of Science grant conducting innovative cardiology research.