Final Professional Pharmacy Examination (FPPE) for Pharm.D. Program

Pharmacy Review for Pharm.D. Program

I. Rules and regulations

Pharmacy Review is designed to prepare the pharmacy students for the Final Professional Pharmacy Examination (FPPE). It is composed of 36 revision courses which include basic and professional subjects covered by the Pharm.D. program, with particular reference to pharmacotherapy of common diseases. Subject material is reviewed in a form of seminars with specific reference to previous exam questions of NAPLEX and FPPE.

Attendance at the seminars is obligatory. Students are expected to attend each seminar on time. It is possible to miss three seminars but the reliable excuse must be present (sick note) and the absence has to be made-up on the conditions proposed by a lecturer.

The course ends with Final Professional Pharmacy Examination.

II. Final Professional Pharmacy Examination (FPPE)

FPPE consists of two parts:
I – a 3-hour written test composed of 150 questions.
II – oral examination.

The written exam will be conducted on the OLAT platform. The percentage threshold for passing a test according to PUMS rules cannot be lower than 60%. Failing the written part results in not being admitted to take the oral part, and, consequently, in failing the examination.

The oral part consists of three questions, calculations can also be included. The student is supposed to answer these questions in front of the commission. To pass this part the student has to provide at least two fully satisfactory answers. The passing of both parts – written and oral – is necessary to pass the examination.

The final degree will consist of: 65% of the degree obtained from the written test and 35% of the degree from the oral examination.

FPPE will be held in the Department of Physical Pharmacy and Pharmacokinetics. Formal wear is obligatory.

Examination schedule:
June 1, 2019 – the first term of the exam: 9.00 am – written test (in the Parkowa Street 2), 1.00 pm – oral part (Department of Physical Pharmacy and Pharmacokinetics)
June 10, 2019 – retake exam: 9.00 am – written test, 1.00 pm – oral part  (both parts in the Department of Physical Pharmacy and Pharmacokinetics)