Curriculum Overview

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Chair :Chair and Department of Biophysics
Course name :BIOPHYSICS
Year of study :1
Hours :30
Pass/Fail or Exam :pass/fail

Additional information
2nd_coordinator :Marek Tuliszka, D.Sc.
coordinator :D.Sc. Marek Tuliszka
tel :618546267
syllabus :download  
file :office_hours.pdf  
desc :Laboratory Reports:
file :2_spectrophotometry.pdf  
file :3_optical_activity_and_polarimetry.pdf  
file :4_attenuation_of_electromagnetic_ionizing_radiation.pdf  
file :5_viscosity.pdf  
file :6_viscosity_of_solutions.pdf  
file :7___surface_tension.pdf  
file :8___monomolecular__layer.pdf  
file :9_diffusion_across_membranes.pdf  
file :10_electromotive_force_of_a_concentration_cell.pdf  
file :11_action_potential.pdf  
file :12_measurement_of_dimensions_of_small_objects_by_microscope.pdf  
file :safety_rules_2015_2016.pdf  
desc :Integrative tests
file :results_26_01_2017.pdf  
file :results__9_feb_2017__2nd_retake.pdf  
file :results_10_03_2017.pdf  
file :5_may_2017___results.pdf