Visiting students from University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy in Lexington were  pleased to be a part of Pharm.D. program at PUMS:

Professor Główka,
We cannot thank you enough for helping establish this rotation with UK (ed. University of Kentucky). We really enjoyed getting to learn about Poland’s healthcare system in a variety of settings to your University’s program. we appreciate you creating this opportunity for us and we’re looking forward to sharing our experience with friends at home.

Thank you,
Elizabeth Bray & Lauren Payne ,
IV year Pharm.D. Students, June 2014

Our graduate wrote to us:

„(…) Furthermore, I was very impressed with the receptiveness of the doctors towards us Pharm.D. students even though teaching pharmacy students was something completely foreign to most of them. I am appreciative for the wealth of knowledge they openly shared with us, for their patients, understanding, and utmost respect. All the information they shared with us was current and relevant. I think it was difficult for some of the hospital pharmacist’s job entails aboard in country with a more clinically developed pharmacy practice. Furthermore, I feel that the 5th and 6th year of the Pharm.D. program (advanced pharmacotherapy classes in particular) are the mainstay of the program. An introduction to basic clinical encounters is the groundwork for future pharmacy practice(…).I am proud to be first graduate of the Pharm.D. program at Poznan University of Medical Sciences. At first I had many reservations about going to school in Poland. However, being here was not only fulfilling as a student, but also as an individual it has given me a perspective on life and how others live. I am truly grateful for this experience and wish that everyone could be as fortunate as I am in having the opportunity to learn and grow here in Poznan. I am confident that I have gained the tools I need to practice pharmacy in my home country.(…)”

Nancy Gajos, Pharm.D., July 2013

Recognition of Pharm.D. Program at PUMS:

Pharm.D. Program at PUMS is recognized as an equivalent of Doctor of Pharmacy
studies in the USA by ECE – Educational Credential Evaluators, USA, 2013.