The Certificate of Conformity and Licensure


Please note that graduates are no longer subject to the University and all queries regarding obtaining a license should be addressed to the Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists (

Since the requirements may differ among countries, it is strongly advised for each student to consult the Chambers of Physiotherapists in their home country to obtain accurate information regarding this matter.
For more information, please see Directive 2005/36/EC.

The Chamber of Physiotherapists issues a certificate (the so-called certificate of conformity) confirming that the studies leading to the award of the diploma in Poland were in conformity with training requirements laid down in the Directive 2005/36/EC  on the recognition of professional qualifications, and that the awarded diploma is an evidence of basic formal qualifications of physiotherapy practitioners.

To issue the Certificate confirming that the studies leading to the award of a Polish diploma in Physiotherapy were in conformity with the requirements laid down in the Directive 2005/36/EC, the graduate must submit the following documents required by the Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists:

  1. Filled and signed application form click here to open PDF file;
  2. Copies of all diplomas and their supplements signed by a notary;
  3. Proof of payment (63 PLN for a certificate in Polish, 126 PLN for certificates in Polish and English). The payment of the fee should be made in advance by bank transfer to the Chamber’s account:

BENEFICIARY: Krajowa Izba Fizjoterapeutów, ul. Sienna 39, 00-121 Warszawa


ACCOUNT NO.: 20 1050 1012 1000 0090 3114 5668

DESCRIPTION: zaświadczenie o kwalifikacjach – name

How to get the certificate step by step:

  1. Send scans of all documents (application form, diplomas, supplements, proof of payment) to;
  2. Send the copies of documents signed by a notary the Chamber by post:

Krajowa Izba Fizjoterapeutów
ul. Sienna 39, 00-121 Warszawa

Add a note: „zaświadczenie o kwalifikacjach

  1. Wait for the Chamber to contact you in order to verify the personal information data and the address to which the Certificate should be sent. The Chamber has max. 1 month to issue the Certificate. The certificate will be scanned and sent to you by mail.

For details please check: (only in Polish).

According to the Polish law, in order to obtain full qualifications leading to obtaining the right to practice physiotherapy in Poland (physiotherapy licence), a person with the Polish “licencjat fizjoterapii” degree diploma has to contact the Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists that grants the right to practice as a physiotherapist in Poland.

You can register online (Polish only). Please prepare:

  • Document for identification (ID or passport)
  • Diplomas

How to get the license step by step:

  1. Print the application form from the website
  2. Collect the documents:
  • Application form
  • Copies of all diplomas signed by a notary;
  • ID picture (35×45 mm)
  • Proof of payment (100 PLN) paid to individual account number (as indicated in the application form); with description: “name – opłata za wydanie pwz
  • Declaration confirming sufficient command of Polish.

Regarding a foreign national, the Chamber of Physiotherapists may grant such person the right to practice as a physiotherapist in Poland provided that such a person meets the requirements of Art. 13 of the Act on Physiotherapist Profession (Dz.U. z 2015 poz. 1994, z 2017 poz. 599.);,

and has sufficient command of the Polish language in speech and writing, confirmed by a declaration (for further details please contact the Dean’s Office).

  1. Send all documents to:

Krajowa Izba Fizjoterapeutów
ul. Sienna 39, 00-121 Warszawa

Add a note: „Wniosek o wydanie PWZF

  1. The Chamber should inform you immediately when the documents are received by post. The process of granting the right to practice the profession in Poland should start immediately and should not take more than 3 months.

For further details please check: