Bachelor’s Thesis


This paper should be based on a description of a single patient with a possibly detailed report on the rehabilitation process.

The thesis should comprise the following parts:

  1. short, but possibly detailed medical history of the patient. Description of the disease and treatment possibilities may be included, but should not exceed two pages;
  2. status of the patient at the beginning of the rehabilitation process, from the point of view of functional diagnosis; all tests used to assess the patient’s status should be described in details;
  3. description of the treatment ordered by the physician, including all physiotherapy methods with details concerning parameters (e.g. for electrotherapy);
  4. status post-treatment, again assessed by appropriate tests
  5. discussion with the literature:
    1. why such methods were ordered
    2. why other were not prescribed (possible contraindications, personal factors or reasons)
    3. effectiveness of the treatment – in relation to descriptions given in the literature.

The whole paper should be limited to 30 pages, including at least 15 literature positions. If web pages are cited, they should be treated as articles, with the name of the author and title given, also date of entry should be given. No pages of popular character should be used.

During the second year students should decide for the clinical field (i.e. medical specialty). In contact with the supervisor they should choose a patient and ask him/her for permission to participate in the study. A written consent is advisable. In case of a child, the permission from a parent is needed.

Students may describe a patient from their own country, if only the tutor agrees and they are able to gather whole medical history.

Students are asked to choose a supervisor of the thesis, a physician with at least PhD degree or a physiotherapist with at least PhD degree. Any teacher conducting clinical hours may be selected, also those having courses on the third year. Students should discuss the topic of the Bachelor’s Thesis with the supervisor.
By March 27, 2015 student  should choose the supervisor and make decision about the topic and notify the Dean’s Office by delivering signed SUPERVISOR declaration.

BACHELOR’S THESIS: SUPERVISOR declaration click here to open PDF file

During the third year students bring their thesis ready, to be able to undergo an exam and defense in June of the third year of the studies. The defense is still possible until September 30th.