Appointment of PUMS University Council

December 27, 2018

In a decision made during the latest meeting the University Senate has confirmed the appointment of a new body in the structure of PUMS – the University Council. The Council has been formed as a board of trustees whose role will be to oversee the strategic goals of the School, its financial policy and improve the professional management structure.

The first University Council will be comprised of:

a) 3 representatives of PUMS community:

– prof. Rodryg Ramlau, MD, PhD (Head of Oncology Department),
– prof. Andrzej Wykrętowicz, MD, PhD (Head of Intensive Cardiac Care Unit and Internal Diseases Department),
– prof. dr hab. Jacek Wysocki, MD, PhD (former Rector, Head of Department of Preventive Health Care),

b) 3 representatives of local business and social community:

– Franciszek Hutten-Czapski,
– Wojciech Pawłowski,
– Waldemar Szwarczyński,

c) president of the student government RUSS.