Jacqueline Wilk, M.D.

1. What made you choose a Polish university? Leonard Wilk (then my boyfriend, now my husband) is Polish and we went there together.

2. Having a diploma and all the studying experience behind you would you decide to study at PUMS again? Yes.

3. How did you feel about the differences between education systems in Poland and USA? Different, better in some ways, more of a focus on examining patient and taking a history from the patient, less of a focus on technology, radiology scans, medicine in Poland was more about diagnosing and treating, and less about protecting yourself from a lawsuit.

4. What qualities or unique characteristics does PUMS possess in your opinion? Poznan is a very special city, now dear to our hearts, we cannot wait to go back and visit with your children and share it with them. The location made travelling around Europe during breaks feasible (Germany, France, Czech, Austria, even Italy). The professors were very good. I was well prepared in residency compared to my US trained colleagues.

5. As a PUMS graduate do you think that completing this university opened the doors to a professional career for you? Yes, definitely.

6. What was living in Poznan like? We loved trying the different restaurants, learning to ride trams and trains, exploring Poland (seaside, castles, old towns, cathedrals) and visiting my husband’s family.

7. Would you recommend studying in Poznan to your younger siblings? Being so far away from home was very difficult and I did get homesick and missed my family very much, my first choice would have been school closer to home, but as a second choice I definitely would recommend school in Poznan.

8. Do you have any advice, suggestions, or tips for students who are just starting their education at PUMS? Learning a bit of conversational Polish before you go would be beneficial, it makes shopping, travelling, etc. easier.