Study Rooms

There are a few study rooms which are designated for the use by the medical students in the English language programs.

  1. The study room  located in the Eskulap dormitory on the ground floor and it is available 24/7, i.e., 24 hours every day of the week. It is administered by Eskulap Dormitory Administration.
  2. There are two study rooms located in the Karolek dormitory on the second floor. They are administered by Karolek Dormitory Administration.
  3.  There is also a study room located in the Aspirynka dormitory on the ground floor. It is administered by Aspirynka Dormitory Administration

General study room regulations to be observed in both facilities

The number of students using a study room may not exceed the number of available seats. Students should not disturb others and must not smoke, eat, or drink while in the room.

Also, students are not allowed to rearrange the furniture or bring in additional chairs; or remove the existing furniture, accessories, and equipment.